Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

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Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) is a method for locating discontinuities at or near the surface in ferromagnetic materials. Because magnetization of certain metals is possible, small particles that are attracted to magnetic fields are applied to the surface of the test material after or during induction of a magnetic field. The collection of these small particles at the leakage fields will form an outline of the discontinuity which generally indicates its location, size, shape, and extent.

LTS utilizes the Magnetic Particle Method in many industrial applications where potential problems can occure in ferromagnetic materials. Ferromagnetic materials include most of the iron, nickel, and cobalt alloys. Magnetic Particle testing can be applied to finished articles, bars, castings, and forgings. This technique is also commonly used to locate cracking in welded joints, structural members, shafts, and bolts.

As shown in our photo, one variation of the technique known as Wet Fluorescent Magnetic Particle testing, uses iron particles treated with a fluorescent dye and suspended in liquid to inspect critical areas. An ultraviolet light is used to examine the test area after the application of the particles in order to detect fine, linear discontinuities.

We guarantee an extensive inspection, fast turnaround time, and reasonable cost for this type and all LTS types of testing methods. Our inspectors are carefully trained, tested, and certified to perform Magnetic Particle inspections on numerous applications our clients require.

Magnetic Particle inspection reveals a crack like indication in a Ductile Iron casting. Thru-Wall crack indication on a Ductile Iron casting. Technician performing circular magnetic inspection of small investment casting. Application of magnetic particle fluid while performing circular magnetism. Dry powder yoke inspection. Single part inspection of circular magnetism. Fluorescent magnetic particle indication of a crack. IMG_2588 IMG_2644 IMG_2647 LTS081706_136 LTS081706_142 LTS081706_147 LTS081706_156
Manufactured part displaying a linear discontinuity during a Magnetic Particle Test.